Each year, Mount Olive connects people within our church and community to resources that can meet their everyday needs. We collaboratively assist people in crisis; offering food, emergency financial assistance and other needed services. Find out more and get involved with Community Outreach today!

Our multi-generational body at Mt. Olive Baptist Church is faith functioning, family friendly and future focused! We provide a place where the hurting, broken-hearted and troubled can find love, peace, healing and forgiveness. Our church has not only been called to lead people into a saving knowledge of Jesus Christ, but teach them to live healthy, successfully and righteously.

Through our monthly wellness workshops, annual health screenings, academic support, professional development, weekly Bible Study, Sunday services and numerous ministries – you will be empowered to grow in your relationship with God and everyday pursuits in life.

We are seeing an outpouring of the Spirit of God in this house like never before. It’s because of this that we believe a 'fresh oil' is in our midst - empowering our church for miracles, equipping our body for ministry and providing insight into God's greatest vision for our lives individually and collectively.

Come and experience the fresh oil with us. It will refresh your mind, renew your spirit, challenge your faith and help you reach your God-given destiny!